September 21, 2012

Recoleta Street Photography, Buenos Aires

The streets offer unbelievable opportunities to photographers.  Unfortunately, given my paranoia about 'losing' equipment, these photos were taken with a small camera. 

But I begin with a photo of Janice having her morning fix on the balcony at our first apartment in Palermo.  When we left three weeks later, trees were bursting with new leaves.  One of the hardest things about our holiday is that while we were in Buenos Aires, spring was coming, but we knew that in Vancouver winter would soon be coming (sigh).  It would be nice sometime to travel and follow spring for a year.

I continue to be fascinated by window displays interacting with reflections.

This young lad was busking, using a 'horn' made from a fascinating branch that was somehow hollowed out.  He could only produce one pitch, treating the branch as a brass instrument, but he varied it in volume, articulating various rhythms.  It was a good effort, but not quite worth donations.  The sidewalk and wall provided a good sounding board for amplifying the sound.

Some parts of Recoleta have European street lamps.